Sentence Examples

  • GERARD (c. 1040-1120), variously surnamed TUM, Tunc, Tenque or Thom, founder of the order of the knights of St John of Jerusalem, was born at Amalfi about the year 1040.
  • Loscher affirms in regard to miracles that " solus Deus potest tum supra naturae vires turn contra naturae leges agere "; and Buddaeus argues that in them a " suspensio legum naturae " is followed by a restitutio.
  • In it he discusses the "notes" which distinguish Catholic truth from heresy, and (cap. 2) lays down and applies the famous threefold test of orthodoxy - quod ubique, quod semper, quod ab omnibus credi-tum est.
  • Now calculate the pseudo-velocity uo from =v 95 cos 4) sec n, and then, from the given values of 0 and 8, calculate u e from either of the formulae of (72) or (73): (82) I (u 9) - I (u0) tan 0 - tan 8 C sec n (83) D(ue) =D (uq5) 4)°-B° cos n' Then with the suffix notation to denote the beginning and end of the arc 0-0, mt e = C[Tum) - T (u0)], 5 ((x x9 1l 0.
  • 71 tum of the motion relative to G