Sentence Examples

  • -,; g ce Ft.Pi@r / G viJ?l 5 tS 5 An adia?i f ?D t 0 1 .
  • Sometimes, no doubt, this tribute was demanded under a fairer name, as the contribution of any ally (vuvTa, ts, not 4p pos), like the FaXanKd levied by Antiochus I.
  • C or cz is pronounced as English ts; cs as English ch; ds as English j; zs as French j; gy as dy.
  • Thus if the ellipsoid is one of revolution, and ds is an element of arc which sweeps out the element of surface dS, we have dS = 27ryds = 27rydx/ (Ts) = 27rydx/ (b y) = 2 p2 dx.
  • During the years 1908 and 1909 considerable public discussion and political activity were devoted to the reorganization of German imperial finance, and it is only possible here to deal historically with the position up to that time, since further developmen.ts of an important nature were already foreshadowed.