Sentence Examples

  • High school tryouts can be grueling, consisting of a tryout routine, dance and even intensive interviews to find out if a potential cheerleader has the "cheerful" personality required of this sport.
  • After putting all the cheerleading tryout tips into motion and successfully completing your tryout, there's only one thing left to do: congratulate yourself and the other athletes, and let it go.
  • You can view videos of the audition process via the official Colts site and anyone seeking to audition for further seasons will learn a lot about the tryout period from these videos.
  • The night before your tryout, take some time to set out everything you'll need the following day, including your cheer clothes, shoes, hair ties and other accessories.
  • Regardless, if you're considering auditioning for the Colts, it is best to grow your hair long prior to auditioning and leave it down during the tryout period.