Sentence Examples

  • The introduction of hyperbolic functions into trigonometry was also due to him.
  • In "geodesy," and the cognate subject "figure of the earth," the matter of greatest moment with regard to the sphere is the determination of the area of triangles drawn on the surface of a sphere - the so-called "spherical triangles"; this is a branch of trigonometry, and is studied under the name of spherical trigonometry.
  • Ptolemaei magnam compositionem (printed at Venice in 1496), and his own De Triangulis (Nuremberg, 1533), the earliest work treating of trigonometry as a substantive science.
  • Beyond this point, analytical methods must be adopted, and the student passes to trigonometry and the infinitesimal calculus.
  • By means of this instrument questions in navigation, trigonometry, &c., are solved with the aid of a pair of compasses.