Sentence Examples

  • Among his later poems may be mentioned La Divine Tragedie (1916) and La Quadrature de l'Amour (1920).
  • In 1832 appeared his Gismonda da Mendrizio, Erodiade and the Leoniero, under the title of Tre nuovi tragedie, and in the same year the work which gave him his European fame, Le Mie prigioni, an account of his sufferings in prison.
  • And after died miserablie in exile," which is the work of Thomas Chaloner, but "Shore's Wife," his most popular poem, appeared in the 1563 edition of the same work, and to that of 1587 he contributed the "Tragedie of Thomas Wolsey."
  • Janin, Rachel et la tragedie (1858): Mrs Arthur Kennard, Rachel (Boston, 1888); and A.
  • Saltini, Tragedie Medicee domestiche (Florence, 1898).