Touchy-feely Definition

Marked by or emphasizing physical closeness and emotional openness.
Became uncomfortable when the group therapy session got too touchy-feely.
American Heritage
Of or characterized by the overt display of affection, compassion, and other tender feelings, as through hugging, crying, etc.
A touchy-feely support group.
Webster's New World
Based on sentiment or intuition, especially to the exclusion of critical judgment.
American Heritage

(informal) Having a fondness for physical contact with other people, especially to an excessive degree.

My last boyfriend was a lovely guy, but I dumped him because he was too touchy-feely with me in public.
The definition of touchy-feeling is a derogatory term that refers to being overly open with emotions and affections.
When a couple is always holding hands, hugging and frequently touching each other, this is an example of a time when you might describe them as touchy-feely.
When a conversation centers around how you feel emotionally, this is an example of a touchy-feely conversation.

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