Sentence Examples

  • Time moves fast in the world of retail, so what may be a closeout item in one department store is still top-of-the-line merchandise to the average consumer, especially when it comes to women's clothing.
  • Since they coordinate so many events, their organizational skills are touted as being top-of-the-line, which can take plenty of planning and stress off the plate of team coaches and volunteers.
  • Nike's durable baseball cleats for kids provide top-of-the-line traction with advanced materials for their cleats without the sometimes dangerous, and often prohibited, metal spikes.
  • Maybe you can't afford to outfit your house with top-of-the-line exercise machines, or perhaps you live in a small space and have nowhere to put a treadmill or stair climber.
  • Today, the selection of apparel for businesses range from t-shirts to scrub tops to top-of-the-line dress shirts, so appropriate apparel is available for any line of work.