Sentence Examples

  • There are some shops that carry clothing for moms to-be who are concerned about the environment and prefer organic items, but they can be hard to find.
  • Maternitique carries almost anything you could want for a mom to-be from beauty products to clothing.
  • The principal business of four at least of these central brigades is to-be on call when required to reinforce the out-of-door police at special times.
  • But at the prince consorts sugges~!on its language was considerably modified, and the responsibility for the outrage was thrown on the officer who committed it, arid not on the government of the Republic. It ought not to-be forgotten that this important modification was the last service rendered to his adopted country by the prince consort before hisfatal illness He died before the answer to the despatch was received; and his death deprived the queen of an adviser who had stood by her side since the earlier daysof her reign, and who, by his prudence and conduct, had done much to raise the tone of the court and the influence of the crown.
  • General rules of indisputable equity are fixed for the conduct of the courtsno man is to be tried or punished, more than once for the same offence; no one is to be arrested and kept in prison without trial; all arrested persons are to,be sent before the courts within a reasonable time, and to be tried by a jury of their peers.