Sentence Examples

  • In 1631 the town was taken by Tilly, and in 1632 by Gustavus Adolphus.
  • At one end this street is terminated by the Siegestor, while at the other is the Feldherrenhalle (or hall of the marshals), a copy of the Loggia dei Lanzi at Florence, containing statues of Tilly and Wrede by Schwanthaler.
  • His other works include Der dreissigjahrige Krieg bis zum Tode Gustav Adolfs (Paderborn, 1891-1896); a revised edition of his Tilly im dreissigjdhrigen Kriege (Stuttgart, 1861); a life of George V., Kiinig Georg V.
  • Tourneux (op. cit.) discusses the authenticity of the memoirs of Tilly, Clery, Lauzun, &c. The chief of these memoirs are: Mme Campan, Memoires sur la vie privee de Marie Antoinette (5th ed., 2 vols., Paris, 1823, Eng.
  • If the Prussians now retired northwards, parallel to the direction which Wellington would follow perforce on the morrow, the chance of co-operating in a decisive battle would still remain to the allies; and Gneisenau's order issued by moonlight, directing the retreat on Tilly and Wavre, went far to ensuring the possibility of such combined action.