Sentence Examples

  • Most PCs require a little setup before use: adding anti-virus, cleaning out the "bloatware," or useless third-party add-ons and advertisements and installing any programs you need on the computer.
  • Some people may find that third-party accessories don't perform as well as their first-party counterparts, so be sure to check up on some reviews online or check to see what the return policy is like at the store of your choice.
  • While a PS3 Slim comparison will reveal that the new version still provides a pair of USB ports and full 802.11b/g Wi-Fi wireless connectivity, it is missing the ability to install a third-party operating system (OS).
  • Because many third-party developers shifted their focus away from Nintendo, a significant proportion of the titles found on the Nintendo 64 were either developed in-house, or by "second-party" companies like Rare.
  • From creepy third-party horror games like D to in-house developed racers like Daytona USA, the Sega Saturn had a reasonable selection of games, but nowhere close to the huge library found on the Sony PlayStation.