Sentence Examples

  • Changing the Bond games to third-person was a good idea, especially since Bond hasn't had a good first person shooter since Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64.
  • The Xbox 360 from Microsoft is well known for its library of first-person and third-person shooter games like Gears of War, Halo and Call of Duty.
  • Formal engagement verses are less likely to rhyme than their casual counterparts, and they are usually written from a third-person point of view.
  • Regardless of which next-generation console you select, be it the Xbox 360, Sony PS3, or even the supposedly family-friendly Nintendo Wii, there is no shortage of fairly violent first- and third-person shooting games.
  • A giant mech warrior game, this third-person game demo was a brief mission to destroy a select group of enemies in a desert-like environment.