Sentence Examples

  • The teleutospore, with the sporidia which arise from it, is always present, and the division into genera is based chiefly on vulgaris, with a, aecidium fruits, p, peridium, and sp, spermogonia.
  • (After Sachs.) C, Mass of uredospores (ur), with one teleutospore (t).
  • The teleutospore puts forth on germination a fourcelled structure, the promycelium or basidium, and this bears later four sporidia or basidiospores, one on each cell.
  • Before the teleutospore reaches maturity the nuclei fuse, and the uninucleate condition Q C then continues again until aeci dium formation.
  • There is also a further reduction in that the basidium is not derived from a teleutospore but is borne directly on the mycelium.

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