Sentence Examples

  • It was reviled because it was thought that Lucas was beginning to 'sell out' to the commercialization of his empire, with the creation of the lovable aliens, the Ewoks, who resembled feral teddy bears, living in a stone age culture.
  • The Ganz Company makes teddy bears that are artistic; each bear wears an elaborate costume depicting characters such as a firefighter, police man, and even some that are just plain bears, or that have patterns like hearts on them.
  • Whether you are looking for a fun teddy bear stencil for your child's nursery, or a sophisticated French border for your living room, there are many options for finding the perfect stencil to spruce up your home interior design.
  • Emblem ideas include (but aren't limited to): a happy tooth and brush, an ambulance, a baby with a teddy bear, baby items, handicap symbol, pill bottles, mortar and pestle, stethoscope and syringe, a teddy bear nurse, and more.
  • Choose from their sizzling Retro Pinup Pink Polka Dot set that features a G-string, garter belt, garters and a peekaboo bra top, their Long Sleeve Fishnet Teddy or one of the dozens of other hot lingerie selections offered.