Sentence Examples

  • He is reportedly planning to work with Ryan Tedder of the band One Republic and Jesse McCartney (who penned Leona Lewis' breakout hit Bleeding Love) on his post Idol debut album.
  • Most notably, he co-wrote Leona Lewis' megahit song Bleeding Love with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic.
  • " It is undoubted, that to every townshyppe that standeth in tyllage in the playne countrey, there be errable landes to plowe and sowe, and leyse to tye or tedder theyr horses and mares upon, and common pasture to kepe and pasture their catell, beestes and shepe upon; and also they have medowe grounde to get theyr hey upon.
  • Tedder, librarian of the Athenaeum Club; and the work was resumed accordingly after his death, five more parts being arranged for, one of which was published in 1910.
  • Thus the Pentateuch and the New Testament were reprinted from Tyndale's translations of 1530 and 1535 respectively, with very slight variations; See Dr Ginsburg's information to Mr Tedder, D.N.B.