Sentence Examples

  • There are also other subsets of this theory that predict Earthly torment as a result of the gravitational pull on tectonic plates.
  • In the tectonic structure of Asia the Kuen-lun forms, as it were, the backbone of the continent.
  • East of Lubeck, as far as the mouth of the Oder, these give place to Bodden, ramified openings studded with islands: the structure here resembles that of Scania in southern Sweden, a region once joined to both Denmark and Pomerania by an isthmus which was severed by tectonic movements.
  • South of Lake Issyk-kul, which appears to be a hollow of tectonic origin, runs the Terskei Ala-tau, separating the lake from the high valley of the Naryn.
  • Surprisingly enough, the lithosphere is made up of only a few major tectonic plates.