Sentence Examples

  • The school revenues are derived from the sale and rental of public lands granted by Congress, and of the salt and swamp lands devoted by the state to such purposes, from a uniform levy of one mill on each dollar of taxable property in the state, from local levies (averaging 7.2 mills in township districts and 10.07 mills in separate districts in 1908), from certain fines and licences, and from tuition fees paid by non-resident pupils.
  • Women who have either children or taxable property may vote on questions relating to schools.
  • At present the main quota with the additional three-tenths amounts to 16.25% of taxable income.
  • From 1871 to 1894 it was assessed at 13.20% of taxable income, this quota being formed of 12% main quota and 1.20% as an additional tenth.
  • The assessed value of taxable property in 1910 was about $735,000,000.