Sentence Examples

  • Even upon receiving a taped audition from Brolin that he put together with the help of directors Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez (he was working with them on Grindhouse and Planet Terror at the time), they passed on him for the role.
  • It is therefore believed that Hari Seldon's plan is overthrown, a theory which receives validity when the time capsuled reappearance of Hari Seldon's taped image describes a future very different from the one they are now facing.
  • Romantic weddings abroad have a unique appeal for many couples, and even if they can't have everyone there to celebrate their nuptials, they can have the ceremony taped or webcast to bring everyone along on their exotic getaway.
  • I taped everything he did and said in the apartment.
  • Alex patiently consoled and distracted her while the nurse taped a padded board to her hand and wrist so she couldn't move it.