Sentence Examples

  • 4), a taffrail one, which, however, is not as a rule used for speeds over 18 knots.
  • 4 the shoe H is secured to the taffrail, and the rotator in the water is hooked to the eye of the spindle M by the hook D.
  • To enable the indications of the log register on the taffrail to be recorded in the chart room or any other part of the vessel as desired, a chart room electric register has been introduced.
  • Io) is a taffrail one, with bearings of hardened steel, and is intended to be slung or secured to the taffrail by a line; the gimbal pattern has a fitting for the deck.
  • The two principal American taffrail logs are the Negus and Bliss (Messrs Norie and Wilson).