Sentence Examples

  • Since the Psalms were written in Hebrew, and intended for public worship in the synagogues, it is most probable that they were composed in Palestine.
  • He was the first to introduce family pews in synagogues, and in many other ways "occidentalized" Jewish worship.
  • In memory of this the Jews burn both in synagogues and in houses on the first night of the festival one light, on the second two, and so on to the end (so the Hillelites), or vice versa eight lights on the first, and one less on each succeeding night (so the Shammaites).
  • In Kefr Bir`im there were remains of two synagogues, but early in the 10th century one of them was completely destroyed by a local stone-mason.
  • The temple rules do not apply to synagogues, however, and unseemly conduct in them is liable only to civil action.