Sentence Examples

  • In India at the present day there are thousands of small mills worked by hand, through which extraction the peasant cultivators pass their canes two or three at a time, squeezing them a little, and extracting per haps a fourth of their weight in juice, from which they make a substance resembling a dirty sweetmeat rather than sugar.
  • Aidin is on the SmyrnaDineir railway, has large tanneries and sweetmeat manufactories, and exports figs, cotton and raisins.
  • Having effected his escape in a sweetmeat basket, he raised the standard of revolt, assumed the title of raja, and the prerogative of coining money in his own name.
  • A common Persian sweetmeat consists of wheat-flour kneaded with manna into a thick paste.
  • It is largely used by the Chinese as a sweetmeat preserved in sugar.