Sentence Examples

  • Among Christians, prayers, supplications and thanksgivings have taken the place of the sacrifices of the old covenant.
  • His life was spared owing to the supplications of his cousin Boris, but he was deprived of his boyardom, his estates were confiscated and he was banished successively to Kargopol, Mezen and Kologora, where he died on the 21st of April 1714.
  • The collects come at the close of the office and are short prayers summing up the supplications of the congregation.
  • In England a parish-ale or feast was always held after the perambulation, which assured its popularity, and in Henry VIII.'s reign the occasion had become an excuse for so much revelry that it attracted the condemnation of a preacher who declared "these solemne and accustomable processions and supplications be nowe growen into a right foule and detestable abuse."

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