Sentence Examples

  • For the government of the state see The Revised Laws of Vermont (Rutland, 1881); the Vermont Legislative Directory, published biennially at Montpelier; the biennial reports of the secretary of state, the auditor, the treasurer, the commissioner of state taxes, the superintendent of education, the supervisors of the insane, &c., and the annual reports of the inspector of finance.
  • The local judicial authorities are the county board of supervisors of five members and the justices of the peace.
  • The school committee (who serve gratuitously) appoint the superintendent and supervisors of schools.
  • In 1889 the convicts were placed under the care of a supervisor of convicts, and in 1905 the law was amended so that one or more supervisors could be appointed at the will of the governors.
  • County prison camps are under the supervision of the governor and the supervisors of convicts.