Sentence Examples

  • The feminine form "sultana" is derived from the Italian (fern.
  • In spite of frequent causes of friction, good relations were maintained with Venice, through the influence of the sultana Safie, and the capitulations with the republic of St Mark were renewed in 1589.
  • The rule went to the sultana, and her trusted agent Ibn AbI Amir Mahommed ben Abdallahan Arab of noble descent, who in his early life was a scribe, and who rose by making himself useful first to the ministers and to the favorite wife.
  • 22), and by putting to death certain favourites of the powerful Valide Sultana, by whose corruption and intrigues the administration had been confused.
  • In Adininis- all his long life was nothing elseand in due time trationok he reduced the sultana to insignificance.