Sentence Examples

  • In 1803 Jezzar of Acre advanced as near as Hamah; but his death occurred in the following year; and after a sanguinary rising in 1805, Aleppo settled down, but was not at peace, even after a local janissary massacre in 1814, till Mahmud II.
  • About 1500 was written an interesting little work entitled "'Memoirs of a Polish Janissary" (Pamietniki ianczara polaka).
  • Ruhi, Lami`i, Nevi, the janissary Yahya Beg, the mufti Ebu-Su`ud and Selim II.
  • On the I4th of June Klber was assassinated by a fanatic named Suleiman of Aleppo, said to have been incited to the deed by a Janissary refugee at Jerusalem, who had brought letters to the sheiks of the Azhar, who, however, refused to give him any encouragement.
  • The voivode Alexander, who succeeded in 1591, and like his predecessors had bought his post of the Divan, carried the oppression still further by introducing a janissary guard and farming out his possessions to his Turkish supporters.