Sentence Examples

  • Ashley was suicidal for two years after their deaths.
  • Then, too late, patriots like Machiavelli perceived the suicidal self-indulgence of the past, which, by substituting mercenary troops for national militias, left the Italians at the absolute discretion.
  • Brand refused to allow the Free State to be committed to a suicidal treaty, or dragged into any wild policy which the Transvaal might deem it expedient to adopt.
  • Not the least important of the results obtained in this dialogue is the discovery that, whereas the doctrine of the " one " and the " many " is suicidal and barren so long as the "solitary one" and the "indefinitely many" are absolutely separated (137 C seq.
  • When pressed, they opined only that Brandon Westlake acted more suicidal than threatening but they had been with him for several minutes where Lydia had just arrived.