Sentence Examples

  • Details like carefully placed appliques, slightly sheer material and lace trim can all contribute just the right amount of suggestiveness without being too in-your-face sexy.
  • The obvious suggestiveness of crotchless lingerie may make some people classify it as raunchy lingerie.
  • Perles' essays are rich in suggestiveness, and have been the starting-point of much fruitful research.
  • We do not know; but there is a pathetic suggestiveness in a passage in the Magna Moralia (i.
  • He showed his versatility in landscape, as in his "Whins in Bloom," which combined great breadth with fine detail; in flower-pieces, such as his "Roses," which were brilliant in rapid suggestiveness and force; but most of all in his portraits, which are marked by great individuality, and by fine insight into character.