Sentence Examples

  • If you feel your carpentry skills don't quite rise to the challenge of installing crown molding, you can always buy the easy to install type molding or lightweight styrofoam crown molding available at your local home improvement store.
  • To create your own beaded ornaments, hold your ornament by the hanging loop if there is one, or create your own in a Styrofoam ball by pushing the center of a six-inch length of ribbon firmly into the ball with a sewing pin.
  • Along with the health risks associated with the manufacture of products that use polystyrene, The National Bureau of Standards Center for Fire Research noted 57 chemical by-products released during the creation of Styrofoam.
  • When used for food containers, some people warn that toxic chemicals leach from the Styrofoam into the food products they hold, especially if the food is reheated in a microwave while still in the container.
  • Children can turn out a lovely Thanksgiving table arrangement with little adult intervention by placing the Styrofoam into the basket and poking the flowers or leaves into the Styrofoam to keep secure.