Sentence Examples

  • Pets suffering from arthritis and other degenerative disorders may not be able to endure a standard walk, but put them in a stroller, and they can still get fresh air and enough mental stimulation to keep them alert and happy.
  • If you will mainly use the stroller to wheel the baby around while you shop, then you may want a car seat stroller, which allows a baby's car seat to be attached to the stroller frame and wheels.
  • After weighing all of these issues, you can then decide if you want to purchase a metal stroller that will last for quite a while, or a plastic stroller that may need to be replaced eventually.
  • While many umbrella strollers may fit in the overhead compartment, you may need to have the airline staff tag your stroller for you, so that you can pick it up as soon as your plane lands.
  • From the quarter you cut out, cut two small circles to place below the stroller, and a small handle to place next to the cut-out part (attached at the bottom of the cut-out area).