Sentence Examples

  • The list of things to buy will soon grow to include a whole range of items from a crib and pram, as well as toys, clothes and other items.
  • What evolved was a three-dimensional folding stroller that served the same purpose as a buggy or pram but folded up into the size of a closed umbrella.
  • See Regino von Pram, "Chronicon," in the Monumenta Germanise historica.
  • Pram (1756-1821), author of Staerkodder, a romantic epic, based on Scandinavian legend, and Edvard Storm (1749-1794), were associates and mainly fellowstudents at Copenhagen, where they introduced a style peculiar to themselves, and distinct from that of the true Danes.
  • We need mention only the chief of them - the Collectio Anselmo dedicata, by an unknown author of the end of the 9th century; the Libri duo de synodalibus causis et disciplinis ecclesiasticis, 3 compiled about 906 by Regino, abbot of Pram, and dedicated to Hatto of Mainz, relatively a very original treatise; the enormous compilation surchard.