Sentence Examples

  • Damian turned down the stereo blasting trance music and faced her, crossing his arms as she closed the door.
  • - Three acids of this group are known, containing the Carb- oxyl-groups in the 1.2, 1.3, and 1.4 positions, and each exists in two stereo-isomeric forms (cis- and trans-).
  • By alkalis they are transformed into stereo-isomers, the a-acid giving 7 -truxillic acid, and the, 3-acid S-truxillic acid.
  • P. Pfeiffer (Berichte, 1904, 37, p. 4 2 55) has shown that chromium salts of the type [Cr{C2H4(NH2)2}2X2]X exist in two stereo-isomeric forms, namely, the cisand transforms, the dithiocyan-diethylenediamine-chromium salts being the transsalts.
  • Stereo-Isomerism); thus parachlorbenzophenone oxime exists in two different forms (V.