Sentence Examples

  • These resolutions later acquired extraordinary and pernicious prominence in the historical elaboration of the states'-rights doctrine.
  • With the conclusion of the peace of Munster and the death of the veteran stadholder the struggle for predominance in the Union between the Orangefederalist and the Hollander States-rights parties was certain to be renewed.
  • He resigned from the Senate in 1851 to become a candidate of the Democratic States-Rights Party for the governorship of his state against Foote, the candidate of the Union Democrats.
  • The first resolution was a statement of the ultra states'-rights view of the relation of the states to the Federal government 2 and subsequent resolutions declare the 1 The southern boundary to the Tennessee river was surveyed in1779-1780by commissioners representing Virginia and North Carolina, and was supposed to be run along the parallel of latitude 36° 30', but by mistake was actually run north of that parallel.
  • In his earliest pamphlets (1774-1775) he started out with the ordinary pre-Revolutionary Whig doctrines of natural rights and liberty; but the first experience of semi-anarchic states'-rights and individualism ended his fervour for ideas so essentially alien to his practical, logical mind, and they have no place in his later writings.