Sentence Examples

  • The prefect supervises the execution of the laws; has wide authority in regard to policing, public hygiene and relief of pauper children; has the nomination of various subordinate officials; and is in correspondence with the subordinate functionaries in his department, to whom he transmits the orders and instructions of the government.
  • France the pauper, as such, has no legal Tongking claim to help from the community, which Laos.
  • Antonio Galvao, who, after governing the Moluccas with rare success and integrity, had been offered the native throne of Ternate, went home in 1540, and died a pauper in a hospital, his famous treatise only appearing posthumously.
  • Main roads, cost of assizes and sessions, and in certain cases pauper lunatics.
  • In 1goo there was neither pauper nor workhouse in the country.