Sentence Examples

  • In June, Stacy Haiduk interviewed with Love To Know Science Fiction about her roles on Superboy, Seaquest DSV, Kindred the Embraced, Heroes and Brimstone to name a few genre pieces she's stared in throughout her career.
  • Obviously, not everyone can look like Stacy in a bikini, but keep in mind that she is very serious about fitness and she has not been coy about passing on some of her secrets for maintaining her strong and healthy body.
  • Hosted by stylists Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, the show takes folks who dress poorly and gives them the option to toss their current wardrobe for a $5,000 prepaid credit card with which they can buy new clothes.
  • For example, the best sock choice for khaki pants is Stacy Adams Silkies or Gemstone style in bone, ivory, or taupe; they are also available in other colors, like navy, to coordinate with other outfits.
  • Whether you are looking for colorful men's socks to jazz up your casual Friday attire or the best looking and fitting hosiery for your formal wear, Stacy Adams men's socks are a guaranteed good choice.