Sentence Examples

  • It has a splitter and combine function; the combine function is especially useful for creating photo collages.
  • Conway, in his Omitted Chapters of History disclosed in the Life and Papers of Edmund Randolph (New York, 1888; 2nd ed., 1889), greatly exaggerates Randolph's work in the Constitutional Convention; the commoner view underrates him and makes him a "hair-splitter," and a man of no decision of character.
  • The splitter places a block on end between his knees, and with chisel and mallet splits it into as many plates as possible of the usual thickness for roofing purposes - namely, a quarter of an inch more or less according to the size and strength required.
  • Marcy (called by the Indians Tahawus or "cloud-splitter"), is near the eastern part of the group and attains an elevation of 5344 ft.