Pon Definition


Alternative spelling of 'pon. Contraction of upon.


Contraction of upon. Also spelt pon. Often found in expressions such as.

’Pon my word, madam, I shall never let you down.
“’Pon my soul, and gracious me!” she cried.
A fiber optic local loop network without active electronics, such as repeaters or multiplexers. A PON uses inexpensive passive optical splitters and couplers that require no electrical power and that perform no processes other than to split downstream signals and combine upstream signals. PON standards originated as a set of Physical Layer (Layer 1) specifications developed by an international consortium of vendors. The resulting Full Service Access Network (FSAN) initiative for an ATM-based Passive Optical Network (APON) scheme, was ratified by the ITU-T within the G.983.1 standard. Elements of a PON comprise an Optical Line Terminal (OLT), an Optical Network Terminal (ONT), an Optical Network Unit (ONU), a passive splitter, and optical fiber.
Webster's New World Telecom

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