Sentence Examples

  • The Moonlit Road Bookshop lists eleven great books for purchase, such as Alligators in the Sewer: And 222 Other Urban Legends by Thomas Craughwell, as well as The Campfire Collection: Spine-Tingling Tales to Tell in the Dark by Eric Martin.
  • Whether you're interested in real werewolf sightings or fictional accounts, all werewolf stories contain spine-tingling elements of the natural mingled with the supernatural.
  • From southern California to the state's northern border, the Golden State is home to many wandering spirits, famous apparitions and true spine-tingling tales of horror.
  • Things can quickly spiral out of control, especially when confronted with new and spine-tingling shiny products.
  • Just like scary movies, scary books have an undeniable appeal for anyone who loves a spine-tingling thrill.