Sentence Examples

  • As a direct spin-off prequel of the reimagined Ronald Moore series, it offers fans new Battlestar Galactica wallpaper images from a setting that takes place 50 years before the events of the BSG timeline.
  • While some of these series were cancelled quickly, others such as the critically-acclaimed Battlestar Galactica have not only lasted for years but have launched spin-off series and movies.
  • The first installment of Celebrity Fit Club also got its start in 2005, as well as The Surreal Life spin-off, Strange Love, which followed Flavor Flav and Brigitte Nielsen's relationship.
  • The series of three movies is one of Disney's most successful franchises, with a spin-off film, an ice show, a stage adaptation, book series, and video game series to go along with it.
  • Clean House: The Messiest Home in the Country - This spin-off is a competition, in which the team travels to a variety of very cluttered homes to determine which one is the messiest.