Sentence Examples

  • The sky was sparkly enough to fascinate her.
  • Diamonds are the traditional gemstone for most engagement ring designs, and pairing these sparkly jewels with the rich luster of a black pearl creates an elegant statement of style and beauty.
  • You'll need at least three things to effectively accessorize almost any of the sexy Christmas dresses for women: sparkly earrings that will catch the light when you move your head, a pair of sexy heels, and shimmer (not glitter!) lotion.
  • Alice is a vampire and vampires in the Twilight world are sparkly in sunlight, so you need to create pale, translucent skin (a touch of glitter is important because in Twilight the vampires glitter in sunlight like diamonds).
  • Try to make sure that it will reflect something interesting or attractive such as a window, a beautiful piece of art or sculpture, a sparkly chandelier, or anything else you have that you would like to emphasize.