Sentence Examples

  • An affinity for baseball and a fastball that was clocked at 93 miles per hour got Moore drafted by both the Boston Red Sox and the Baltimore Orioles, but his mother convinced him to go to college before embarking on a sports career.
  • Robert Carlo Mariano, nicknamed Boston Rob because of his thick regional accent and his Boston Red Sox ball cap, has made numerous reality TV appearances and parlayed his 15 minutes of fame into a full-blown career.
  • Barroso also has one daughter from a previous marriage, named Alexia.Damon is a big fan of the Major League Baseball team the Boston Red Sox, and narrated the team's World Series Championship DVD in 2007.
  • You too might want to have surgery to remove the Yankee uniform and have it replaced with a Red Sox jersey-if surgery was the only way to make the change.
  • You identify with the Red Sox, you may even love the Red Sox, but the world thinks you're a Yankee because of your appearance.