Sentence Examples

  • Seniors participate in archery, badminton, basketball, bowling, cycling, golf, horseshoes, race walking, racquetball, road racing, shuffleboard, softball, swimming, table tennis, tennis, track and field, a triathlon event, and volleyball.
  • Little League -- One of the oldest international organizations dedicated to youth baseball and softball, Little League has been teaching millions of kids to play ball, as well as about leadership, sportsmanship and discipline since 1939.
  • It's difficult to tell exactly what each of these "technologies" accomplishes in reference to player performance, but these options certainly tell the buyer that purchasing softball cleats is now a feat of research and heavy thought.
  • While these cheers may be effective for a cheap laugh, it's the lazy way to cheer - being able to boost your own team or, even better, have a funny softball cheer that will make both sides laugh will make the entire game better.
  • Although different fields boast different environments, most softball players find themselves performing on slippery grass or unstable diamond dirt--both of which promote skidding when fielding and base-running.