Sentence Examples

  • With snorkeling, all family members capable of swimming can enjoy hovering near the surface of the water while using a mask to see and a snorkel to breathe.
  • A short excursion to the mainland will allow you to visit the Mayan Ruins, swim with dolphins and snorkel.
  • This military style parka was called the "snorkel' parka, because it zipped up so tight in combination with the hood that those who wore them were left with a tiny slit to peek through, like the size of a snorkeling mask.
  • If you love to swim, snorkel, kayak, ski, snowboard, or you are simply looking for a durable camera that can withstand a beating; Olympus' waterproof line should fit your needs.
  • If your resort provides items like beach towels and snorkel gear, you can save room in your luggage and mark a few items off your list before you even start packing.