Sentence Examples

  • I can turn the heat down and it will cook slower – might even be better.
  • Their bite is therefore less dangerous and the effect on the general system slower, so that there is more prospect of recovery by treatment.
  • The Indian flying-squirrel (P. oral) leaps with its parachute extended from the higher branches of a tree, and descends first directly and then more and more obliquely, until the flight, gradually becoming slower, assumes a horizontal direction, and finally terminates in an ascent to the branch or trunk of the tree to which it was directed.
  • The best poles are obtained in Norway from small, slender, drawn-up trees, growing under the shade of the larger ones in the thick woods, these being freer from knots, and tougher from their slower growth.
  • The consequence is that the compression travels rather faster, and the extension rather slower, than at the speed found above.