Sentence Examples

  • When mixed with even the most delicate flowers of the stove or Orchid-house, its silky sky-blue fragrant flowers possess a charm and softness equalled by scarcely any other flower of the same color.
  • Dare to Dazzle: In either sky-blue or black, this deceptively simple tankini features twist detailing over the bust, a halter strap, underwire and concealed bra back fastening.
  • Two varieties are in cultivation under this name, both of the same parentage, one having self-blue flowers; the other a lovely plant, sky-blue and mauve shaded.
  • Other colors available in this bag are bright and bold enough to wear all year long, such as celery-green, hot pink, ivory, deep purple, bold red and sky-blue.
  • There are several named varieties, the most attractive being the sky-blue (coerulea), which in early spring forms sheets of bright color edgings in free soil.