Sentence Examples

  • Some of these - the Hydrometridae or pond-skaters, for example - move over the surface-film, on which they are supported by their elongated, slender legs, the body of the insect being raised clear of the water.
  • But it's too bad she didn't send you one of those itsy-bitsy outfits all the really cool skaters wear, he answered.
  • The only other skaters were a mother and her four-year old pig-tailed professional level daughter and an old man who skated like a retired gold medalist.
  • Others are scavengers feeding on decaying organic matter; the pond skaters, for example, live mostly on the juices of dead floating insects.
  • The Hydrometridae are a large family including the pond-skaters and other dwellers on the surface-film of fresh water, as well as the remarkable oceanic genus Halobates already referred to.