Sentence Examples

  • More recently, Ecco has opened a shoe-factory in South East China, signaling its presence in the world's largest country, and forecasts that this latest plant will become its largest and most advanced production facility to date.
  • There are codes that mean to lengthen or shorten a note, like brackets around a number that mean to hold it until a dot appears on the screen, or the number eight or nine signaling a shortened or lengthened note respectively.
  • For example, the network of signaling molecules that normally regulates a person's immune response is disrupted during HIV disease, impairing a person's ability to fight other infections.
  • It can also lead to HELLP syndrome, with hemolysis (destruction) of red blood cells, elevated liver enzymes signaling liver damage, and low platelet count (leading to bleeding problems).
  • However, in an autoimmune disease, the body can't differentiate between its own tissues and cells and any foreign substances, signaling the immune system to make auto-antibodies.