Sentence Examples

  • It's sexy because you can see through it just a little, but it's not so sheer that you can see everything, leaving nothing to the imagination once the clothes come off but what's underneath is still on and working to showcase your curves.
  • Not only does the website provide a location to showcase all sorts of Barbie-related products (such as fashion accessories and home décor items), the website also features Barbie games that girls love to spend hours playing.
  • The climate and soil in Italy provide ideal grape-growing conditions, yielding stunning traditional wine that showcase the skill of Italian wine producers, as well as the flavors of the territory where the grapes are grown.
  • This is your chance to showcase your creativity and your brilliant ideas!If you're more about the actual game design, there are several titles wherein you are free able to make "mods" or altered versions of existing games.
  • If you think of curtains as artistic as well as functional accessories, the decorative curtain rods and finials you choose to showcase your designs are like the framing pieces that finish the look you're trying to achieve.