Sentence Examples

  • Many people use acronyms because they can't type on their phones as quickly as they would like, so using text message shortcuts is a great way to type messages fast.
  • If the company doesn't ask about your specific academic qualifications and has a website that talks about busy students needing to take shortcuts in their work, that's a good indication the business is a term paper mill.
  • It also might not be as fun to take shortcuts like this as it would be to just play the game - kind of like watching a movie on fast forward does get you to the end faster, but you lose something in the experience.
  • The features outlined in this demo include the improved file browsing system, 16-bit editing capabilities, shadow and highlight correction, customizable keyboard shortcuts and adjustable layer comps.
  • Financing the wedding of your dreams can strain your wallet, unless you learn creative shortcuts for the big day, which can include hunting for discounted plus size wedding gowns.