Sentence Examples

  • In addition to fishing and boating, the nearby Lake Huron shoreline is dotted with historic lighthouses, seafood restaurants, and picturesque lakeside communities.
  • There's much to envy about Brazil; the country seems to produce some of the world's most beautiful people, like super model Adriana Lima, and the area houses miles and miles of gorgeous shoreline that beckons you to frolic.
  • Empire Bluffs is a mile and a half advanced trail, which winds along the dunes and offers spectacular views of the Lake Michigan shoreline; Platte Plains is an easy four and a half mile trail that winds around Otter Lake.
  • The 315-mile river boasts a scenic shoreline dotted with charming towns, historic monuments and breathtaking natural wonders, all of which can be seen from the deck of a riverboat or other cruise vessel.
  • Honestly speaking, this one piece is not constructed for voracious games of volleyball or racing friends to the shoreline, but for the woman who loves to lounge, this is an essential suit!