Sentence Examples

  • If you are looking for a professional real estate inspector, Illinois state licensing laws will go a long way to protect you against shoddy quality and less-than stellar professionalism.
  • There is nothing shoddy regarding their impeccable handmade craftsmanship, but if you're not an extreme diva, you may just prefer the slightly more subdued look of a seasonal Prada bag.
  • Shoddy apartments and an image in the mirror of a dirty toddler in a diaper.
  • The chief industries are the manufacture of railway plant, cloth, wool, soap, shoddy, furniture, bricks and cement.
  • The textile industries (the making of carpets and rugs, cotton goods, cotton smallwares, dyeing and finishing textiles, felt goods, felt hats, hosiery and knit goods, shoddy, silk and silk goods, woollen goods, and worsted goods), employed 32.5% of all manufacturing wage earners in 1905, and their product ($271,369,816) was 24.1% of the total, and of this nearly one-half ($129,171,449) was in cotton goods, being 28.9% of the total output of the country, as compared with I I% for South Carolina, the nearest competitor of Massachusetts.