Sentence Examples

  • If you are looking for a professional real estate inspector, Illinois state licensing laws will go a long way to protect you against shoddy quality and less-than stellar professionalism.
  • There is nothing shoddy regarding their impeccable handmade craftsmanship, but if you're not an extreme diva, you may just prefer the slightly more subdued look of a seasonal Prada bag.
  • Shoddy apartments and an image in the mirror of a dirty toddler in a diaper.
  • The town is a centre of the heavy woollen trade, and has extensive manufactures of army cloths, pilot cloths, druggets, flushings, &c. The working up of old material as "shoddy" is largely carried on.
  • The people became more and more impoverished and degraded, a new and shoddy nobility was created and granted wide privileges, and art and letters declined.