Sentence Examples

  • Pop. (1900), of town and commune, 27,198;27,198; chiefly SerboCroatian, and almost exclusively Roman Catholic. Spalato is situated on the seaward side of a peninsula between the Gulf of Brazza and the Gulf of Salona.
  • There can be no doubt that in the south-eastern group of the Slavonic languages SerboCroatian and Slovene form a special closely-connected group, in which the Servian and the Croat languages are almost identical.
  • As the literary language of both nations is now practically the same, and is, indeed, commonly known as "SerboCroatian," the reader may be referred to the article Servia: Language and Literature, for an account of its history, of its chief literary monuments up to the 19th century and inclusive of Dalmatian literature, and of the principal differences between the dialects spoken in Servia and Croatia-Slavonia.
  • Apart from the Kajkavci dialect, the whole body of SerboCroatian literature up to the 19th century may justly be regarded as the common heritage of Serbs and Croats.